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Burnout Sucks, Dudes

I’ve been hit hard by burnout lately. This is probably the first time I’ve actually ever felt what people describe as burnout, which is wild given how hard I’ve gone at things and how long I’ve been going at it. I tried telling telling myself for a month or two that I wasn’t burned out, that I simply had too much on my plate. Of course, you can only placate yourself so long before reality comes home and kicks you square in the nose....

August 23, 2023 · 4 min · 840 words · Modus

Same great Modus flavor, now with Mastodon!

So, Twitter’s gotten weird hasn’t it? Musk bought the company, people from all sorts of walks of life are leaving the platform due to the frankly wild decisions he’s making, and the platform is just hemmoraging advertisers. Whatever happens to Twitter, we as users of the platform will end up losing as Musk attempts to remake it in its image. Not a fun time. My social media consumption strategy, particularly Twitter, is one of passive collection- I follow smart people doing awesome things, I watch and learn, and attempt to become a magpie in spirit....

November 22, 2022 · 1 min · 183 words · Modus

Fun with Cloudflare Breaking Things

So in moving to Hugo, and moving to a more personally defined blogging experience, I’ve come into a few interesting issues, stuff I might blog about in the future. As part of moving to Hugo, I also moved to using Cloudflare out in front of my site for a few reasons; DDoS protection (Which I never expect to use, but why not), DNS management, and so on. I deployed my site, I tested it in a few browsers, great....

October 16, 2022 · 3 min · 470 words · Modus

Why Flipper Zero's U2F Implementation is a Mixed Bag

I’m not going to mince words, this is going to be a rant and it’s going to get messy. There’s going to be diagrams and everything. The Flipper Zero is amazing. It has an amazing capability set that is growing weekly, and is a great entry-level (Or perhaps not even entry-level depending on how hardcore you get) tool for exploring signals, networks, and computing. Kissing the ring aside, the addition of U2F capabilities feels like a mixed bag for a few key reasons....

October 7, 2022 · 12 min · 2409 words · Modus

Wordpress is Gross

I know I don’t get a lot of traffic, and I know I don’t post much, but I figured I’d give a notice to the void that I have left the WordPress platform. Why? Well… 1.) Cost of using WordPress itself for what I used it for has went up. I may as well mess around with a VPS for super cheap and run a microblogging platform instead. Shout out to https://1984....

September 9, 2022 · 1 min · 162 words · Modus